Odenton MOMS Club History

The MOMS Club was started in the fall of 1983. The first local chapter was in Simi Valley, California. Word spread about the wonderful support that the MOMS Club offers at-home mothers, and we became a national organization in 1985. We now have over 1,500 local chapters with 75,000+ members across the United States–and more chapters are starting every month! We are the only international support group specifically for at-home mothers.

We believe that staying at home to raise our children is a fulfilling full-time job. In fact, we think it is the most important job any mother can choose!

For the past thirty years, mothers have been told that the only path worth following is to return to work as soon as possible after the birth of their children. We say that’s ridiculous! If returning to work is a mother’s ambition, then fine, but many–indeed studies have shown that most mothers–would rather stay at home and care for their own children. We believe that all mothers should choose for themselves the path that is right for them.

Unfortunately, the media, government, and society in general continue to pressure mothers to go back to work and leave their children in daycare. The media in particular continue to emphasize the rights and problems of the working mother–she’s “news”–while ignoring altogether the mother who stays at home. (One notable exception to this is Oprah Winfrey.)

They don’t understand that our challenges, although different, are just as real as those of the working mother. We’re isolated. We’re told that our “job” can’t be fulfilling. Our finances are very tight since we usually depend on one income. And we get little moral support from society for our decision to make the sacrifices necessary to stay home with our children!

The MOMS Club was designed specifically to help at-home mothers meet those challenges. We not only accept your chosen profession, we applaud it!

With the MOMS Club, you will have enriching activities for you and your children, during the day when you most need the support. And remember, with the MOMS Club, you can participate and bring your children along! We believe that having children around is a natural part of being a mother. Having children and choosing to raise them ourselves should not isolate mothers at home.

The MOMS Club is a wonderful way to meet other at-home mothers who share your interests and concerns. Our local chapters have meetings with speakers and discussions, organize family activities and outings for mothers and/or their children, sponsor playgroups, babysitting coops and other activity groups, as well as perform uplifting sevice projects to help needy children in our communities.

The Odenton Chapter of the MOMS Club was founded by Christine in February 1998. After running an ad in the Pennysaver, she received a great response from other moms interested in forming a local club. The first meeting was held at her home on March 3, 1998. This meeting was attended by the six original members. The first activities to come together were a weekly playgroup and monthly “Mom’s Night Out.”

In February, 2001, having over 60 members, our chapter sistered to better serve our moms and kids, forming the MOMS Club of Piney Orchard. Christy volunteered to be President of the new chapter, and got things off to a wonderful start!